How do I Activate my Pocket Card Terminal?


In order to activate and use your Mini Card Reader, you should follow these steps: 

  • Download from Play Store the Viva Wallet Card Terminal App to your Android mobile/tablet. 
  • Activate the Bluetooth of your device. 
  • Open the Viva Wallet Card Terminal App and connect. 
  • Choose the country that you operate. 
  • Insert the country code


  • Insert your mobile number with which you log in to your Viva Wallet Account


  • Insert your password and chose login


  • Choose your business account. 



  • You will then be prompted to enable all services as shown in the image (Bluetooth, Location, File access) and press the Next / Continue button.


  • Remove the Mini Card Reader from its box and activate it by pressing and holding the Power button until you hear the characteristic sound and the LED light flashing red.



  • When the Mini Card Reader is activated, tap The Device is On on your mobile / tablet screen.
  • As long as the search lasts, it is a good idea to have the Mini Card Reader and the mobile / tablet nearby


  • The Viva Wallet Card Terminal app will detect the Mini Card Reader and its serial number:


  • Verify that the number shown on the mobile/tablet is the same with the serial number which is written on the back side of your POS


  • When you confirm that the serial number is correct, press "Connect" or "Pair" and wait for the message to press the green button as shown below.


  • Once the coupling is completed successfully, you will be notified with a message on the screen of the mobile / tablet. Then click "Connect".                      


  • Wait until the Insert Amount message appears on your mobile/tablet. 


Your POS is now ready to be used.