How do I activate my Android 4G(A920) POS?


In order to activate your POS, it is required to connect it with a payment source that you have created. 

You can create a payment source as follows: 

From a computer: 

  • Sign in to your Viva Wallet Business Account and select Physical Payments, and then select Store. 
  • Right-click on Add Store and fill in your details on the form *, and then select Create. 

The creation process is now complete! 

From mobile via browser: 

  • Sign in to your Viva Wallet Business Account by clicking the three parallel lines on the right of your screen. 
  • Select Physical paymentsStore, and Add store. 
  • Complete the form * and then select Create. 

The creation process is now complete! 

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The amount of your transactions will be credited to the Connected Wallet you chose. The information that you filled in on Store address and Store telephone number, will appear on the receipt of the connected POS. 


When you complete the creation process, you will be asked to follow the steps below to activate your POS: 

From a computer: 

  • Sign in to your Viva Wallet Business Account and select SalesPhysical PaymentsPOS, and New POS*. 
  • Verify your details, select your Payment source, and continue to the next step. 

The POS has now been activated to your account. 

*At the field POS ID, insert only the digits of the serial no of your POS. You can find the serial no which initiates with SN on the back of your POS. The serial no consists of 8 digits and it is unique for your device. 


How do I activate my POS? 

  • You press and hold the button which is on the left side of your device to switch it on. 
  • Then press on the image with the Viva Wallet logo and choose the language you want to use. Then select Continue. 


In case you want to connect it with WIFI: 

  • Choose WIFI for connection, select the name of your network and insert the WIFI password. 




  • Wait until Insert Amount is shown. 



Your POS is now ready to use it. 


In case you want to connect it through GPRS: 

  • Choose the MOBILE sign for connection with SIM card. 


  • In the next page select Continue. 

mceclip0.png mceclip8.png

  • Wait until Insert Amount is shown. 




Your POS is now ready to use it.