How do I deposit money to my Viva Wallet account?



By Card: select a card or add a new card, add the amount and charge your card. Card supported are Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Diners Club. Please allow 1-2 business days for your transaction to be processed (varies between Banks).

Cash @Viva Spots: at any one of a large network of Viva Spots locations. Please note that cash deposits are only supported in Viva Spots and not in Banks' physical branches. Instant availability of funds. 

Viva e-Money code: a prepaid code you purchase at one of the Viva Spots to instantly deposit money at your Viva Wallet account. Instant availability of funds. You can choose between Viva e-Money codes with a value of: €10, €25, €50 or €100. The Viva e-money code can be redeemed by an identity authenticated Wallet. Please note that refunds or cancellation of amounts used to purchase Viva e-money codes are not possible. Instant availability of funds. 

Bank transfer: to make a transfer, it must be in EUR and within SEPA*. In order to receive funds to your Viva Wallet IBAN account, you'll just need to provide to anyone who needs to make payments to you, your IBAN and your name as written in your ID or your company's name as used to create your account. We accept transfers in EUR done via SEPA and we don't support SWIFT. Please allow 1-2 business days for you transaction to be processed. Please note that Viva Wallet does not apply a fee for all incoming SEPA credit transfers.

E-banking: generate an e-banking code for the amount entered, log-in to your e-banking and make a payment to "Viva Wallet" (section Payments). In the payments field look for Viva Payment Services and proceed with payment of the amount of money you wish to transfer to the Wallet. Please allow 1-2 business days for you transaction to be processed. 

Pay @Home: fill the form required and our courrier service will come and collect payment from the address specified. Please allow 2-3 business days for you transaction to be processed. 

*IBAN accounts in Greece currently support incoming SEPA credit transfer from all European Banks (from Greek Banks DIAS members and some European Banks members of Equens.xlsx since July 2018 and all SEPA zone Banks since the 7th of November 2018).