Card Terminal


Within the framework of Law 4446/2016, Viva Payments SA sends data to the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) for the purpose of pre-completing the new E3 form in order to make the process easier for businesses.
If a field is not pre-completed or you wish to correct it, you can edit your details according to the instructions below.
In accordance with Circular POL 1027/2018, the data to be entered in fields 040-041 in the new E3 are:Payment Services Provider Name: Viva Payment Services SA
Payment Account Number:
You can find the Viva Account ID information under the "Home" field in the left-hand side vertical menu. When entering it DO NOT use the prefix 701 within the parentheses, just the 12 digits that follow.Serial Number of Connected POS Terminal:
Enter the Terminal ID (TID) and only the terminal ID in this field, as shown in the figure below. This information is available from your business account page by clicking on "My Sales" on the left-hand menu, and then selecting "POS Terminals".Number - Date of Contract - Date of Acquisition
Enter the activation date of the terminal, which you will find under "My Sales" and then selecting "POS Terminals".Acquirers Trade Name - VAT Number
Enter the following information in this field:
Viva Payment Services SA - 997671771
Note: If you have more than one terminal, you will have to repeat the procedure for each terminal separately.