What is the Virtual Terminal (WEB POS)?


A Virtual Terminal (also referred to as Web POS) is an online application that allows you to receive payments via a debit, credit or prepaid card. It provides your business with the functionality of a physical card acceptance terminal.

The specific field is for those who do not have POS terminals or who wish to accept charges against AMEX & Diners cards, since these 2 types of cards cannot be charged via a Viva Wallet POS. In contrast to a physical terminal, a virtual terminal does not require you to "cash out" every day because it does it for you automatically.

- Sales executed through the virtual terminal are processed, cleared and credited to your Accounts on the next business day
- You can access your trading history at any time by selecting the Sales category 
- Under the same category, you can also access additional features including: Cancellations, Reversals, and Charges

Because the personal information provided under this billing method is sensitive, it should be explained to customers that cardholders themselves must enter this information so that they are aware of the extra security measures attached to the transaction. When you enter information in this field, a pop up window will be displayed, which indicates 4 necessary actions that you must agree to in order to access the Virtual Terminal (or Web POS) service.

Once you indicate that you understand and accept the above, the billing tab to be filled in together with your customer will be displayed on-screen.

Fill in all mandatory fields as indicated, apart from tabs, which are optional.

Transactions made via virtual terminal support the following parameters:

Report: An alphanumeric field you can use to enter any item or description to easily identify or search for that payment.

Brief description: An alphanumeric field you can use to enter the billing description that you want your customer to see. Any information you enter in this field is displayed in the email receipt which is automatically sent to your customer.

Tags: You can add as many tags as you wish. Tags are a practical way to organize your sales.

You can use the option under "Sales" to search your transactions using your tags as a filter.