Transaction Types


Card charge: This refers to charges made against credit, debit or prepaid cards.
Reversal: Return of funds to the customer’s card (cases of overcharging, returns, etc.). This may be in full (where the amount refunded is equal to the initial charge) or a partial refund (where the amount is lower than the amount initially charged).
Card charging by installments: Refers to credit card payments in monthly interest-free installments
Installment reversal:a refund to the customer’s card where the original transaction was concluded by interest-free installments
Advance authorisation: Advance authorisation of an electronic transaction by debit or credit card, withholding the corresponding amount as unavailable either, until the debt is paid or the amount is released. In the case of debit cards, the release of funds takes between 1 and 5 days before the corresponding amount becomes available again, depending on the policy of the bank in question. In the case of credit cards, the corresponding period may be up to 30 days.
Charge capture of amount on hold: Charging an amount already authorised in advance by a corresponding transaction. The amount charged may be equal to or less than the amount already on hold by advance authorisation.
Reversal due to dispute: Return of funds to the customer’s card for a disputed transaction, where the grounds for dispute have been deemed well-founded.
Payment through e-banking: A payment that was completed using the “Payment via e-banking” service.
DIAS transaction: A payment received via the interbank funds transfer system DIAS (Interbanking Systems SA)
Receipt card: Transactions with a receipt card send payment information to state financial service agencies.
Payment cancellation: Cancellation of a successful transaction. Cancellations are only permitted in the case of uncleared transactions that have taken place within the same business day.