Transaction remarks


Success: Transaction successfully completed
Cancelled: Transaction was cancelled before clearance
Failed: All unsuccessful transactions are flagged as failed. A transaction may fail for a number of reasons (insufficient funds, incorrect card information, rejection by the banking system, etc.)
Reversal: A transaction for an amount that has been fully or partially refunded to the customer
Blocked: For security reasons, Viva Payments may prevent certain transactions from being completed on the basis of the security settings that govern the specific company profile. Whenever a blocked transaction arises, Viva Payments sends an email alert.
Disputed: A transaction dispute occurs when a customer proceeds to dispute the charge with the issuing bank or corresponding credit institution.
Pending: A disputed (or "under investigation") transaction for which the necessary documents have been submitted or, if they have not been submitted, the submission deadline has expired, and the case is currently under review by Viva Payments.
Disputed - Awaiting response: A disputed transaction for which the necessary documents have been submitted, and a response from the card issuing bank or credit institution is pending.
Disputed - Successful: A disputed transaction for which the original dispute was withdrawn or rejected to the benefit of the merchant.
Disputed - Failed: A disputed transaction for which the card-issuing bank or credit institution has rejected the documents submitted and made a full refund to the customer.
Under investigation: A transaction may be flagged as "Under investigation" for security reasons. Such transactions require further examination by the relevant department and additional time for their completion. In such cases, detailed instructions are sent on how to submit relevant documents supporting the validity of the transaction.
Fraudulent: Any transaction that has been confirmed as fraudulent will be flagged "Confirmed fraud" regardless of its processing status otherwise.