Which transactions appear under ‘Sales’?


All transactions related to your sales are displayed in the "Sales" section, under the following headings: Advance Authorizations, Sales, Charges, Reversals, and Interest-free Installments.

Failed transactions appear in red and refunds in dark green. You can search and organize your transactions using various criteria and filters.
In the "Remarks" column, you can see the designations indicating the status of each transaction. 

The following options are available as far as your options are concerned. Note that the options depend on the transaction type as well as its status.
Information. The information option is available for all types of transactions, giving you more information about each of them.
Receipt. The receipt option allows you to view and print a receipt/invoice for a transaction.
Cancellation. The cancellation option is available for transactions that have not yet been cleared.
Reversal. If a charge or sale has been cleared, this option makes it possible to make a full or partial reversal (refund).
Debit. This option appears only on pre-authorized transactions, on the same business day. You have the option to choose the amount you wish to charge, less than or equal to the pre-authorized amount.
Repeat. The Repeat option is displayed in Sales or Charges via cards for which the holder has authorized recurring charges. When you select repeat, you also specify the amount (since this may be different from the amount initially charged), as well as a brief description of the recurring payment to be included in the email receipt sent to the customer.