What kind of reporting is available?


We provide you with an easy-to-use platform, through which you can easily check:
Under this field, there are alternative ways of charging a business's customers, as well as tools that can help you keep track of completed transactions.
Failed transactions appear in red and refunds in dark green. In the "Remarks" column, you can see the designations indicating the status of each transaction.  You can search and organise your transactions using the various criteria and filters.
You can search for transactions that have been made using cards, cash or e-banking
Select the time frame you are interested in and click search.

Lastly, instead of just selecting the time frame and searching, you can do an advanced search for more specifically targeted results.
In this way, you can search for transactions that have been made from specific sources you have created, based on the period in which the transaction was cleared, or customer information (not card present), the last 4 digits of the card (for card present), whether the transaction is on hold, etc.
For each transaction you identify there are also a number of options, which include those listed below:
 Information: The information option is available for all types of transactions, giving you more information about transactions such as execution time, payment code and so on.
 Receipt: The receipt option allows you to view and print a receipt/invoice for a transaction with the respective information.
 Cancellation: The cancellation option is available for transactions that have not yet been cleared.
 Reversal:  If a charge or sale has been cleared, this option makes it possible to make a full or partial reversal (refund).
Under the reports field, you can access documents that are useful to your accounts department regarding transactions that have been cleared, and commission. You also have access to information on installment-based transactions, including expected dates of payment. Lastly, you can access any Viva Wallet monthly bank account statement (extrait) from the start of registration.
You can see all completed transactions with your customers that are payable by installments, and the dates on which you will be credited.
When you execute a transaction in installments, you should be aware that the amount of each installment (less the Viva Payments commission) will be transferred to your Viva Wallet account each month.
The first installment will be paid into your Viva Wallet account within 30 business days. If there are intervening bank holidays, this period may be extended by 2-3 days. You can choose up to 36 installments, in all cases interest-free. Installment arrangements are always determined by the merchant.
In the case of interest-free installments, the total amount is initially billed to the customer's card, which prevents further purchases in the absence of available funds. Each month, the corresponding installment amount will be charged until the total amount has been paid.
Clearance report:

You can search and save cleared sales transaction statements, as daily totals. The search you carry out covers a monthly period and the results you get are updated up to the previous day.
Invoice Statements:
You can search and save your monthly invoices for sales transactions made through Viva Payments. The search is monthly and you have access back to the previous month. The invoice location is included and can be used for aggregate financial accounting purposes.
Wallet Extrait:

You can extract and save all transactions carried out through your VivaWallet. This feature is also available for each separate wallet you have created. The search is monthly and the results pertain to all transactions (transfers, payment of bills...), apart from sales transactions. Otherwise, you can review overall financial performance after each clearance.