How do refunds work?


Using the reversal feature, you can refund the amount in full or in part to your customer's card.
You can perform a transaction reversal by selecting Sales / Sales Transactions, then select the reversal button and type in the desired amount.
As a general rule, multiple reversals are permitted for each transaction. There are however cases where only one per transaction is allowed.
Reversals may only be made for transactions that have been completed, and where the amount has been transferred to a Wallet. Accordingly, they concern transactions carried out on earlier dates. Same day transactions can just be cancelled.
In order to carry out a reversal, the balance in your Wallet needs to be sufficient to cover the corresponding amount.
To access reversed transactions, select Sales / Sales Transactions and search for them using the appropriate criteria.
The time it takes for your customer to receive the reversal amount varies, since it depends exclusively on the issuer and the type of card. Inform your customers that they will have to wait 5 business days for the reversal amount to appear in their card statement.