How do I transfer money to another Viva Wallet user?


You can transfer money to any Viva Wallet user using their mobile phone number if they are a private person, or their Tax Identification Number if they are a business entity. Login to your Viva Wallet account, and select the "Send Money" on the top of the page and then select either the "Transfer to third party" or "Transfer to business" option. For transfers to third parties it is necessary to enter the user's mobile phone number, and transfers to business entities require the TIN/VAT number. To ensure transaction security, a 6-digit code will be sent to your mobile phone number. This must be entered within 5 minutes as the last step before the transfer is complete. If for any reason you delay entry and the code’s validity expires, you will need to repeat the process. Note: If you do not enter the code and click “Continue”, the transfer will not proceed.