Why was I charged a fee for my transfer?


Transferring funds to a bank account (IBAN) or card is subject to an additional charge of €1, irrespective of the amount.  This is registered during the transfer process, before the final confirmation message completing the transfer. We would remind you that transfers between Viva Wallet users (private/business) are free of charge and concluded immediately.

We would like to inform you about your new fee option, that is coming soon, for sending money to National bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank, Eurobank, Alpha & Chania Bank. You will be able to choose:
SHA – I want to be charged only with my bank’s fee (fee 0,80€)
OUR – I want to be charged with all bank’s fee (fee 1,5€)
*in order to use OUR option, you should make the transfer via www.vivawallet.com