After the terminal starts up, the first image says "Press 1 to start" (or the Greek equivalent).
Pressing "1" will take you to language selection
Select the preferred language for the terminal menu, and the next step is to select the country.
Note: If you delay selecting the country, the terminal will proceed to the next step by itself.
After selection, the terminal will automatically start a firmware update check -> Connect to wi-fi -> and will display the message "UPDATE SUCCESSFUL" -> OK
Pressing "OK" will lead the terminal to carry out a "STATUS CHECK"
It will the proceed to "KEY INJECTION"
You will have to wait until the update process is complete before pressing any keys.
The terminal will then proceed to update parameters.
The last message it displays is "Success", indicating that the terminal has successfully completed the update.
The process is completed automatically and the original image "Viva Wallet" will appear on the terminal.