How to open an account


Creating a Viva Wallet business account is a quick and easy process that doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Just follow the steps described below:
1. Go to and click “Sign up”
2. Next select "Business account"
3. Enter your Wallet administrator's mobile phone number
4. If the number already exists in our database and is associated with a personal account then you will need to sign in and then sign up for your business account.
5. If there is no Personal Wallet, a new Personal Wallet will be created automatically. Enter the other details requested, namely e-mail, password, etc. After you connect your Business Wallet to a new or existing Personal Wallet, the name of your business account administrator can be registered.
6. Next you need to register your business Tax Identification Number.
7. Then select the legal form of the business from the list. It is very important that you select the correct company form, since this will determine which supporting documents will be requested as part of the identity authentication process.
8. Select “commercial category” and “business activity”
9. Lastly, check the box agreeing to the terms of use and click “Sign up”.    

To activate the business account you just created, you should follow the instructions explained in your sign-up confirmation e-mail, and in the activation code field, enter the code you received on the registered mobile number you used when you signed up.