About Viva Wallet


Viva Wallet is the easiest way to receive payments if you are self-employed, have an e-shop, retail store or smartphone application. With Viva Payments, you can offer your customers the ability to pay you in many different ways, including:

By credit, debit or prepaid card (via payment form or via Viva Wallet POS)
In cash, at any one of a large network of Viva Spot locations (Greece only)
By cash on delivery, where our courier service takes charge of payment collection at your customers chosen location (Greece only)
Via e-banking, making online payments through their bank's e-banking system (please visit -payments and transfers)
Using their Viva Wallet and Viva Wallet App. If your customers have created a Viva Wallet account, they can make the payment simply by logging in, without having to enter their card details each time.