How can I activate my Viva Wallet Card Terminal


You must first of all sign in to your Viva Wallet business account.
Once logged in, select from the left-hand vertical menu: Sales → Physical Payments →  Card terminals → and then on the right of the screen, → New Card Terminal

A 5-step window appears:
Step 1: Select terminal model → Next
Step 2: Enter POS ID → Next
(The device's POS ID is the serial number (S/N) located on the back of the device.) The serial number consists of 8 digits and is unique to your device. For the D200 model, the initial letter must be capitalised and in Latin script)
Step 3: Select your business activity → Send Activation Request
Step 4: Under "Link to Payment Source", there is a "Create" option.
Fill in your business information and once you type in the address (you'll need to select it from the list that will appear automatically), click on the "Create" button under "Link to payment source" and select the source you just created.
Step 5: The message "Activation request sent" will be displayed → Next
Step 6: Click OK and the window will close.
"POS Terminals" will be displayed on your screen with the terminal you just registered indicated as status "Pending". If you refresh the page, it will now appear as "Active".
You can also check out the corresponding video on YouTube