How to create an account.


You can create your own personal Viva Wallet directly by signing up via or by downloading the free Viva Wallet App (available for iOS and Android). All you need to create a personal account is your name, a mobile phone number and an email address.
The ease with which you can open a Viva Wallet account and set up direct links to your cards and accounts, makes the product simple and easy to access, while it also offers the flexibility and freedom to make transactions that, until now, took time to complete through regular banking procedures. You will need to visit the website Click "Sign up", and on the screen that appears, select "Personal Account". Enter your personal details in the form as indicated. Pay particular attention to the e-mail address, as you will be receiving a confirmation e-mail, and also to the mobile phone number to which an SMS with a code will be sent. In the "Password" field, fill in the password of your choice and then confirm it. It is essential that you check the "I accept the terms" box, and then click "Sign up".
The next step is an on-screen message that prompts you to check both your e-mail and the SMS message that has been sent to your registered mobile phone.
The email you receive will give you all the necessary instructions to complete your registration. All you need to do is follow the link. If you click on the link, a box appears in which you need to enter the code that has been sent to your mobile phone within 5 minutes. If you don’t manage to enter the code in time, it will be cancelled, but all you have to do then is to click "Resend".
Once the code is entered properly, your registration is complete.