How do i activate my Viva Wallet POS/ mPOS terminal?


In order to active your Viva Wallet POS terminal you need first to create a Viva payments merchant account.

1. Sign up for Viva Payments

or/ and


Sign in to your merchant account


2. Select from menu “Sales” and then “POS Terminals”


3. Select “POS Terminal” button and follow the instructions



Α. For the wireless POS Terminals Ingenico IWL220 and Verifone Vx 675, an activated SIM card with internet data is needed. Please make sure not PIN is required.

In order to deactivate the PIN setting, enter your SIM card to a mobile device and deactivate this option form the respective settings.

Β. To use the Viva mPOS device you need a smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android with Bluetooth capability and the Viva Wallet mobile app (free download for iOS and Android).