What is ‘Native Checkout’? How does it work?


Native Checkout gives you the option of creating a custom payment form, so that your customers never leave your website when making a card payment.

It is totally secure and fully PCI-DSS compliant, as no sensitive card data ever reach your servers; therefore you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance burdens, such as redacting logs, encrypting cardholder details etc. This happens because the card isn't charged on the client-side; Viva Payments sends a token representing the card data to your server, which you can then charge.

Native Checkout is easy to implement and gives your customers get a great and totally secure payment experience.

Be aware though that Native Checkout works only for card payments. If you wish to give your customers multiple payment methods alternatives such as CashPay@Home, e-banking or VivaWallet, we highly recommend using the Redirect payment option.

Visit our technical documentation on GitHub for integration details.