What is the definition of a Payment Source? Do I need to create one?


Payment sources extend the flexibility of our services, by allowing you to group, organize and manage payments.

Every payment you receive, must always be coming from a specific ‘Source’. When your account is created, our system automatically creates a source named ‘Default’ and assigns a unique source ‘code’ to it. This is your default source and will be used for all payments received, unless otherwise specified by you.

There are two different types of sources that can be defined in Viva Payments:

  • Physical
  • Website / Mobile app

The first type is applicable if you wish to separate payments coming from different physical locations, in cases where your company has multiple physical points of presence. 

The second, is for sources that are websites, or mobile applications. Let’s say for example that you are the owner of several e-commerce websites.

You can use a single account, for accepting payments from all your different domain names. You just need to create multiple payment sources, and configure each source appropriately. You can even set different logos that will be displayed on the checkout page.

Apart from operating multiple websites, other typical use cases for having more than one payment sources can be, if your company offers products that belong to different categories and would like to keep payments separate, or in cases where you want to group your sales depending on their origin (i.e. sales made via telephone, the internet or at your physical store).

IMPORTANT: Due to a number of legal and fraud control limitations, each new source with type Website / Mobile app needs to be approved by Viva Payments before it becomes active. Usually this does not take more than 2 business days, so keep in mind that you need to allow some extra time for this approval before going into production! The same applies for making changes to the domain name of an existing electronic source.