Which transactions appear under ‘Accept Payments’?


The “Accept Payments” section is where all of your sales related transactions appear. These include Authorizations, Sales, Captures, Refunds, Cancellations and Installment transactions. You can learn more about these transaction types here.  

Failed transactions appear in red, whereas refunds appear in dark green. Transactions can be retrieved and filtered based on a number of criteria.

In the “Remarks” column, several remarks may appear depending on the status of each transaction. A detailed list of all remarks is available here.

The following options can be available for a transaction. Not all options are available for all transactions. This is always based on the transaction type and current status.

  • Info. The Info option is available for all types and displays additional information for a transaction.
  • Receipt. The receipt option allows you to view and print a customer receipt for a payment.
  • Cancel. This is only applicable for Sale and Capture transactions that have not yet settled. 
  • Refund. Once a Sale or Capture transaction has been settled, it can be fully or partially refunded via this option. Clicking on this button will let you specify the refund amount, that can be smaller or equal to the original amount charged.
  • Capture. This option appears only next to Authorization transactions that occurred on the current business day. You can specify the amount you wish to capture, which can be smaller or equal to the authorization amount.
  • Repeat. The repeat option appears next to Sale and Capture card transactions, for which the cardholder allowed recurring charges from the merchant. Clicking on this button will let you specify the amount and a short description (printed on the receipt that will be emailed to your customer) for the recurring charge.