What is the [email protected] service?


[email protected] is a revolutionary service that allows you to offer your customers the option to pay in cash without leaving their home! [email protected] integrates a courier service into the payment process.

Your customers may select this payment option from the checkout page, enter their home or work address (or select from a list of their favorite addresses) and a courier will visit them in two working days in order to collect the money. You will get notified via the API within two working days after the money has been collected.

If you wish to use the [email protected] service, it is important to allow at least 2 working days when setting the Expiration Date of your order, otherwise the option will not be enabled on the checkout page.

Like all Sales transactions, [email protected] Payments will appear on your electronic statement.

Note that your customers will be charged with a small convenience fee for using the [email protected] service, but this does not affect the payment order amount, nor the funds you receive.

To disable this option via the API, you need to set the ‘DisablePayAtHome’ parameter to ’true’ when creating your order code.