How do cash payments work?


One of the greatest advantages of using Viva Payments services, is the integration of all available payment methods into a single account.

Cash payments gives your customers the option to pay you in cash, by either visiting a Viva Spot, or by requesting our courier collection service, if they choose the ‘[email protected]' option.

Viva Payments uses a constantly expanding network of authorized resellers, that collect money on your behalf. Once a cash payment is made to your account via one of our resellers, you get instantly notified and the funds reach your wallet on the next business day. 

It’s like having access to a wide number of cashiers, that collect money for payment orders you create in our system. This process is 100% secure and totally risk free. Your customers will see the extra payment option on the checkout page, and we will help them to easily locate the closest Viva Spot to make the payment.

Like all Sales transactions, Cash Payments will appear on your electronic statement

Note that your customers may be charged with a small convenience fee at the Viva Spot, but this does not affect the payment order amount, nor the funds you receive.


To disable this option via the API, you need to set the ‘DisableCash’ parameter to ’true’ when creating your order code.