How do I monitor the process of a dispute?


The life cycle of a disputed transaction typically consists of the following statuses:

Disputed: This is the initial status of a disputed transaction and will always remain as a ‘remark’ throughout its life cycle. You will receive a notification from Viva Payments with detailed instructions on the necessary documents that need to be submitted electronically for resolving the dispute.

In Progress: a dispute for which you have already submitted the documents required, and/or currently being processed by Viva Payments. If additional documents are required, you will receive further notifications.

Awaiting response: upon submitting all necessary documentation, Viva Payments will forward them to the customer’s card issuer, so as to determine the final outcome of the dispute. This process may take up to 6 months.

Won: If the issuer accepts the documentation and resolves the dispute in your favor, the dispute is marked as “Won”. In that case the reserved amount is released at no additional charge.

Lost: If the dispute is resolved in the customer’s favor then the transaction is marked as “Lost”. In that case, the reserved amount is refunded to your customer and an additional fee is imposed to your wallet (view detailed pricing).