What should I do when I receive a dispute notification?


A dispute may happen due to several reasons and the required actions from your side may vary depending on the case. Some general actions are the following:

Contact your customer: Most of the times, contacting a customer directly is enough to resolve a dispute. This is vital so as to determine the exact reason for the dispute and eliminate cases where the customer was not able to identify a charge they saw on their card statement. If a dispute is the result of a misunderstanding, the customer can ask their bank to withdraw the dispute.

Support your claim in writing: If you either have doubts or believe that the transaction should not have been disputed, you can support your claim by providing proof. Viva Payments will guide you in order to submit supporting documentation; which will be forwarded to the issuer and keep you posted on the process and final outcome.

Accept the dispute:  If you accept the dispute, you only need to inform us through your account and then the reserved amount is refunded to the customer. Keep in mind that in all dispute cases, you cannot refund the customer yourself; this is done by Viva Payments automatically.