Transaction remarks


Remarks may appear on your Sales online statement next to a transaction. If no remarks appear next to a transaction, it means that it was successfully completed. Here's an explanation of all remark values:

Cancelled: The transaction was cancelled before settlement.

Failed: Any unsuccessful transaction is marked as failed. A transaction may fail for a number of different reasons (i.e. insufficient balance, incorrect card details, rejection by the card issuer etc.)

Refunded: A transaction that has been fully or partially refunded to the customer

Blocked: The Viva Payments anti-fraud system might prevent a transaction from being processed for a number of security reasons related to a merchant account. Viva Payments will notify you via email, every time a transaction is blocked

Disputed: A dispute occurs when one of your customers questions your charge with their bank or credit card company.

In Progress: A Disputed (or Under Audit) transaction, for which you have provided the necessary documentation or respectively if they have not been submitted or reached the deadline of the post, and is currently being processed by Viva Payments.

Awaiting Response: A Disputed transaction, for which you have provided the necessary documentation, and a response is pending by your customer’s issuing bank or credit card company.

Won:  A Disputed transaction whose initial claim was withdrawn, and was resolved in your favor.

Lost:  A Disputed transaction for which your customer’s bank or credit card company rejected the documentation provided and fully refunded your customer.

Under audit: A transaction can be marked as “Under audit” for security reasons. Such transactions require additional investigation  by our anti-fraud department and take additional time to process. You will receive detailed instructions in order to provide relevant documentation that prove the validity of this transaction.

Confirmed Fraud: Any transaction that is proven to be fraudulent will be marked as “Confirmed fraud”, irrespective of its current status.