Transaction Types


There are several transaction types that can appear on your Viva Payments Sales online statement. Let's see what each transaction means:

Card charge: A sale transaction using credit, debit or prepaid card.

Refund: Returning money to a customer’s card (i.e. for over-invoicing, returned goods etc). Can be full (the refund amount equals the amount of the original sale) or partial (refund amount is less than what originally charged to the card.

Card charge with installments:  A credit card sale, with monthly installments.

Refund Installments: Returning money to a customer’s card, when the original sale was a 'Card charge with installments

Authorization (or Pre-Authorization): Authorizing an electronic transaction with a debit card or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable either until the merchant "captures" the transaction, or the hold "falls off". In the case of debit cards, authorization  holds can fall off the account (thus rendering the balance available again) anywhere from 1–5 days after the transaction date depending on the bank's policy; in the case of credit cards, holds may last as long as 30 days, depending on the issuing bank

Capture: Charging an amount already authorized with an Authorization transaction. The amount charged, can be less or equal to the amount previously authorized. Captures can only be performed in the duration of the Authorization business day (until 22:00 GMT+2).

Refund from disputed: Returning money to a customer’s card for a sale transaction that has been disputed and lost.

e-banking: A payment that was completed using the “Payment via e-banking” service.

Intra-bank network payment: A payment received via the intra-bank network (not applicable in all countries)

Tax card: Tax card transactions send payment information to the financial authorities (not applicable in all countries)

Payment Cancellation: A Cancellation (aka Void) transaction of a successful payment. Cancellations are only permitted for non-settled transactions, occurred on the same business day.