How do refunds work?


A refund is the process of returning the full (Full refund) or a part of the sale amount (Partial refund) back to your customer's card.

This can be initiated from your profile by spotting the transaction you wish to refund and click on the appropriate option. To make a refund of a specific transaction, choose Sales / My Sales and spot the transaction you want to refund. Click on the Refund button and enter the amount you wish to refund. 

A refund can also be initiated via the API.

In general, multiple refunds are allowed for every transaction. There are cases though where, only one refund is permitted for a specific sale transaction.

Refunds can be performed for transactions that have been settled and transferred to one of your Wallets. This means that you can only refund transactions that occurred in previous business dates. Sale transactions for the current business day can only be Cancelled.

Please notice that in order to proceed with a refund, your Wallet must have sufficient funds for the amount you wish to refund. 

Please also have in mind that neither you nor your customers will receive any confirmation emails or other receipts for refunds and cancellations.

A 'Refund' transaction is a separate transaction and can be viewed from your profile by signing in to your merchant account and visiting the Sales section.

The exact time required for your client to receive the money from a refund, depends solely on their card issuer and card type. Different issuers have different rules, so let your customers know that they should allow five working days for the refund to appear in their online card statement.