How do payment notifications work?


You can create a Payment Notification either via API or from your Dashboard every time you want to tell Viva Payments, that you require a certain amount of money from one of your customers. Think of it as a utility bill. You give Viva Payments an order to issue a bill on your behalf. The bill is then sent to your customer and they have to pay a specific amount within a given period of time. 

Each Payment Notification (also referred to as a Payment Order) has a unique 16digit number, the “Payment Code”. 

Your customer receives an e-mail with this code and a list of payment options. They can either pay you:

  • By credit or debit card, online or by calling our secure automated payments center at 801 3003 800 (Greece only).
  • Via e-banking, by following the instructions provided on the e-mail payment notification.
  • Directly with their available Viva Wallet balance (for Viva Wallet users).
  • By cash on our constantly growing network of Viva Spots.
  • Via [email protected] payment service.

Once a payment is complete, you will receive an automated notification from us.