Can I integrate the Viva API to multiple e-shops that belong to the same company?


Yes. Every e-shop can be defined as a “Payment Source” in our system.

You can create and manage unlimited Sources from your profile. For each source you can define a different domain name and redirection urls. Payment sources content is checked thoroughly and time needed may vary up to 2 working days.

In order to submit a new url, please check site content and make sure it is:

-          Available (it is not in under construction state)

-          Viewable (no credentials are needed in order to log in, or provide the demo credentials required by sending them at [email protected])

-          Actual Content (no dummy texts, final texts and functionality must be available, includes all products and/or services)

In addition please make sure that your site also includes:

-          Terms and Conditions, which your customers accept in order to conduct electronic transactions

-          Company and contact details (Company name, TaxID, company address, landline number, email, mobile phone*, Fax*)


*if available