Why is Viva Payments better than the other options I'm considering?


Great question! Here are some reasons that others have chosen us:

  • Viva Payments is the only payments service you'll need. You won't need to find and work with a Bank or another Payment Processor.
  • We shoulder the PCI compliance burden by ensuring that you never need to handle sensitive card data.
  • We are by far the best value for money payment processing solution available. Our pricing model is competitive and crystal-clear.
  • An elegant, powerful API makes it quick and easy to integrate your mobile application or website with Viva Payments.
  • Apart from online payments, we support alternative payment channels through a wide network of physical locations for cash payments, a revolutionary Pay@Home feature and of course, payments through e-banking and phone banking.
  • We offer immediate technical assistance from our dedicated customer care team through our support forums, by telephone or e-mail.